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Ireland Tour: Day 19, November 1

As my mother would say at the beginning of every month, “Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!”….

Ireland Tour: Day 18, October 31

Along the Celtic Sea coast from Dunvargan to Wexford….

Ireland Tour: Day 17, October 30

A morning community performance at the Honey Fitz Theatre and then off south to Dungarvan….

Ireland Tour: Day 16, October 29

Switching gears from children’s shows to an adult theatre show…

Ireland Tour: Day 15, October 28

A hustling and bustling day in Cork City then on to the Limerick area….

Ireland Tour: Day 14, October 27

A day of 2 shows and driving througn 9 counties…….

Ireland Tour: Day 13, October 26

Goodbye to Trim…hello to Tallaght, Dublin and towns along the way….

Ireland Tour: Day 12, October 25

Out from Trim and back again…

Ireland Tour: Day 11, October 24

Week two: off to a running start….literally!…

Ireland Tour: Day 10, October 23

And on the 10th day….the Rathskallions rested….

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