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Ireland Tour: Day 19, November 1

City wall ruins in downtown Wexford

A beautiful, warm, sunny and clear morning…we did wonder if we were indeed in Ireland.  Thankfully, yes!  :-)

Another morning run to start the day, this time along the shore of the downtown Wexford Harbour.  The only other signs of life at this early a start were a few sea gulls and some dog walkers.

We were spoiled today with our itinerary of shows as we had a wonderful chauffeur, Theresa Kelly, who kindly ferried us about to all 3 of our library performances in the greater Wexford area; Wexford Town, New Ross, and Enniscorthy.  It is school break so it was quite a mixture of children and families attending these shows.



Performance in Wexford Town Library

Performance at New Ross Library, Co.Wexford










Dunbrody famine ship, New Ross, Co. Wexford

Family show audience at Enniscorthy Library, Co. Wexford










A fun and full day that ended with a late dinner at the Thomas Moore Tavern Bistro for one of our favourite Irish fish delicacies; John Dorey. SOOOO… good!  We had first tried this type of fish on one of our initial trips to Ireland, fresh off of a trawler in the West Cork area.  Highly recommended if you ever come across it anywhere!

An evening walk was definitely in order and Wexford is a lovely town to stroll about in.  All the pedestrian walkways, the narrow streets and a place full of life especially with the Opera festival on makes it a fun place to walk about at any time. We eventually made our way back to our cozy St. George Guesthouse for good night’s sleep to be ‘fresh as daisies’ for two more shows in the greater Wexford area tomorrow.

St. George Guesthouse, Wexford