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Ireland Tour: Day 23, November 5

Packed and ready to head for home

We were up and packing at 4:30 a.m. Quite a challenging puzzle to fit all of our props, instruments, clothes and sundry souvenirs into 4 suitcases and 4 carry-ons.  3 hours later we sucessfully mastered that challenge, doing a final check in the hotel lobby to be sure that we wouldn’t be ‘dinged’ by having any of our suitcases over the weight restrictions.

A quick breakfast and we were off to the airport to return our rented car.

Changing terminals in Heathrow

All went smoothy (although the system of road toll fees in Ireland is a whole other story) and we checked in for our flight to Heathrow.  Upon landing in London from Dublin, we navigated our way through the maze of terminals to be told that our plane to Montreal was presently being seen to by technicians due to a problem with the fuel line and wouldn’t be leaving today.  They rerouted us to Ottawa via Toronto, making the day a 26 hour one but hey, that’s life in ‘touring land’  sometimes.   (We did at least have a relaxing time in the American Express lounge.)

To a wonderful tour and as they say in Ireland: "Cheers!"

Finally arriving home in the wee hours of the morning, we had that feeling as most of you do when you travel too…that it’s nice to be away (and wonderful to tour!) but it’s great to be home.
Thanks for tuning into our Ireland RathBlog and as we say in ‘Rathskallion land’:  stay tuned!
Wendy and Arthur