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It’s time to visit the present!

We’ve seen a lot of changes since the last post on this site and we have decided to make performing and music teaching our focus so you’ll see more content in this site and more opportunities to see us.

Resource Guide

In schools

When The Celtic Rathskallions take their show to an elementary school, it always consists of Wendy Moore and ONE other member of the troupe (see individual bios on the performers page). Their lively and entertaining hour long performance features music (they play 15 instruments between any two of them) and also includes stepdancing and storytelling. They incorporate many instructional elements from the Ontario Music Curriculum. Audience members also volunteer to assist on stage and there is a question period included at the end of their show.

In concert

The Celtic Rathskallions perform in soft-seat theatres and at festivals for families and children. Engaging and delightful, their shows are entertaining as well as informative.Two or more Rathskallions will entertain you with familiar favourites such as I’s the B’y, The Unicorn Song, The Rattlin’ Bog and many more. Before you know it you will be clapping, singing and even stepdancing along with them.

With orchestra

Orchestra shows are available as both education and family show programming. These engaging and delightful performances are designed to feature the different sections of the orchestra as well as to exemplify a unique blending of the classical and folk (Celtic) worlds of music. Shows are entertaining as well as informative. As well as featuring classical and folk music, programming for both education and family shows also includes stepdancing, drama and storytelling set to music. Programming for the shows includes a variety of original orchestrations arrangements for Celtic Rathskallions and “home orchestra”, as well as traditional orchestral works for orchestra alone.