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It’s time to visit the present!

House Concerts are parties for friends celebrating making music and we're hired as guides!

House Concerts are parties and social gatherings for friends celebrating and enjoying music.

In January of 2017, we released a new Moore & McGregor recording, produced by Paul Mills . With this new recording, we have been performing more and more in clubs, house concerts and festivals. Visit us at Moore&McGregor.

We have increased our gigging considerably. In 2015 we toured Ireland again with 23 shows, toured Florida with 17 shows, did an tour of eastern Canada with 10 shows, a tour of western Canada with 18 shows and a flock of shows in the Ottawa/Southern Ontario area.

In 2016 we again visited Ireland, and did two Maritime tours along with tours in the Ottawa/Toronto area.

So far, in 2017 we have toured SW Ontario, Western Canada, Northern Ontario and the Maritimes. Since October of 2016, we have performed over 150 shows!

AND we’re doing more House Concerts. We love performing at House Concerts. It’s an intimate venue that’s great for our wide diversity of instruments and tunes. Folks love our shows. If you’d like to discuss house concerts and how they would work for you, drop us a line.