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“You brought to life musical concepts that are difficult to teach to our students without the expertise displayed onstage. As well, you tied in other subject areas and showed how music truly is across our curriculum… Thank you for a superb performance. A job well done!”  Bruce Nienkirchen, Principal, Eganville & District Public School

When The Celtic Rathskallions take their show to an elementary school, it always consists of Wendy Moore and ONE other member of the troupe (see individual bios on the performers page). Their lively and entertaining hour long performance features music (they play 15 instruments between any two of them) and also includes stepdancing and storytelling. They incorporate many instructional elements from the Ontario Music Curriculum. Audience members also volunteer to assist on stage and there is a question period included at the end of their show.

Students are encouraged to participate in: action songs, clapping tunes, instrument demonstrations and rudimentary stepdance.  Watch a video of them in action!

Resource Book

Wendy Moore is the author of a 75-page Music Curriculum Resource Guide for grades 1-8 which accompanies school performances. Master copies of student activity sheets are also included for each grade level. These resources provide useful, curriculum-based follow-up materials for the classroom. Also included in the resource package is the The Celtic Rathskallions CD, All Around the Circle and a Maddie’s Moon illustrated storybook. This story is presented live at each show as a narrated, dramatized tale, set to music.

The Celtic Rathskallions show appeals to a wide age range of students from kindergarten through grade 8. Their performances and workshops are highly acclaimed throughout 65 Ontario school boards, at conferences, festivals and special events. For a list of schools and venues where the Celtic Rathskallions have performed, visit the performance history page. Please contact us for a complete list of schools we’ve worked with.

All shows include a resource package containing :

  • the 75-page Music Curriculum Resource Guide for the teacher
  • The Celtic Rathskallions CD, All Around the Circle
  • master copies of student activity sheets
  • a copy of Maddie’s Moon illustrated storybook for the school library

See the fees page for pricing and booking info or contact Wendy Moore for details by phone at (613) 258-6200 or via email at