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Ottawa Citizen “Orchestral Shenanigans”

Orchestral shenanigansWendy gets a nice writeup in the Ottawa Citizen!

“It’s not that far from the oboe to the tin whistle. Or from the oboe to the bagpipes, for that matter. Wendy Moore, founding member of The Celtic Rathskallions, who played the oboe in a symphony orchestra for 10 years, demonstrates the principle behind the bagpipes for thousands of schoolchildren each year. Her materials? A party horn and a balloon. This gets plenty of laughs from the kids, but it also reinforces Moore’s lesson: you need wind and a double reed to get a sound out of either. Then there’s the bit she does with her husband and sideman Arthur Mcgregor involving the undershorts he has stashed in the innards of her harp. It goes with her tidbits about the history of the Celtic harp: The resonating chamber of a harp was a convenient place for musicians to stow their stuff while travelling…”

17 Mar 2012, Ottawa Citizen, Joanne Laucius | Read the whole article here!