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Ireland Tour: Day 4, October 17:

Students and staff at Knockloughrim Primary School

Today was the first show of our 3 week 31 show tour throughout Ireland.  It poured rain for most of the day but our spirits weren’t dampened. We were given a very warm morning welcome with tea and fresh scones at Knockloughrim Primary School.  The group of 90 students and staff were a delightful audience and seemed to enjoy themselves and did very well interpreting our Canadian accents.

Then it was back to the hotel for administration work and we waited long enough so that the rain eventually cleared up.  At 5:30 p.m. we ventured out for fresh air.  Arthur headed for a walk about downtown and I, a run to Sentry hill with a lovely view of the town and countryside.  I almost discovered the hard way that the nearby People’s Park gets locked up at 6 p.m. It wouldn’t have been pretty trying to climb the ‘way taller than I am’ stone walls.  All ended well, neither of us got lost (or hurt from climbing adventures), and the rain restarted just as we headed out on an evening search to find the highly recommended Dundoon Restaurant.  We made it to this cozy place and sat there by the fire for a few hours enjoying a wonderful meal.