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Ireland Tour: Day 15, October 28

View from our Lancaster Londe B&B in downtown Cork City

A real treat today for us…especially for Arthur…in that the libraries arranged taxi service for us so that we wouldn’t have to navigate the VERY challenging roads and traffic of the city.

At our morning show at Mayfield Library in the north end of Cork, we had a wonderful group of special needs very attentive teenagers.  Tea of course was offered and since once again it was a day of no rain (knock on wood!), we lingered outside visiting with Mary, the chief librarian as we waited for our taxi to arrived to take us to our next venue.

Performing at Mayfield Library, Cork City

Performing at Mayfield Library, Cork City




We were then ferried back into the heart of Cork City for our afternoon show at Grand Parade Library.  A packed room of ninety 9 and 10 year olds who seemed quite delighted by our Canadian accents.

Students at Grand Parade Library, Cork City

Students at Grand Parade Library, Cork City

We navigated our way out of Cork City with not too much trouble and had a stop in the town of Mallow for a late pub lunch en route to the Limerick area.

Downtown Mallow, Co. Limerick


The Honey Fritz Theatre, where we perform tomorrow night, is on the outskirts of Limerick.  We stopped in there to meet our host, Roseanne Dunne, who was also putting us up for 2 nights.  After giving us specific directions to her house, we were greeted by her husband Pat and two children and served a wonderful dinner.

Pat and Roseanne Dunne's house, Co. Limerick

The day and busy week of performances must have caught up with me since I had a 13 hour sleep.  A personal record!