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Day 15: homeward bound…almost…

We couldn’t leave the Quebec City area without stopping at a chocolatiere on Ile d’Orleans that we discovered a few years ago. They have the BEST chocolate dipped ice cream cones in the world.  So given the length of drive ahead of us ( 5 1/2 hours) to get home, yes, boys and girls and chocolate lovers of all ages, we did indeed have chocolate dipped ice cream cones for breakfast. (This should be a MUST semi-annual treat on every athletes’ and performers’ diet! ….but don’t tell my coach.  :-)

Fueled from our as-wonderful-as-ever ice cream experience (did I mention that the soft ice cream cones are dipped and coated in 1/4″ gourmet dark chocolate?), we embarked on our return trip home.   We immediately picked up our dog (and Celtic Rathskallion mascot), Elvis, from his 2 weeks at Tippy’s Woodland ‘doggie daycare’.
Elvis was delighted to see us (how many people can say that) and once home, he fell asleep almost immediately. The combination of lots of playing with his dog friends plus his annoyance at being left by us for so long, usually makes him pretty tired and a bit aloof for a few days after we return from a tour.  He soon gets over it.
So it’s now officially the end of a wonderful and successful tour:  two weeks, 14 shows and 5,ooo kms. (Arthur kindly doing most of the driving.)
Well almost the end….unpacking, laundry, a final report to write up for our records.
And tomorrow I switch gears from the east coast of Canada to Ireland.  In 1o days we begin a tour of 3 weeks of 32 shows in 9 counties throughout Ireland.  Yikes!  Not much rest for Rathskallions this fall so I better get cracking.  Arthur heads back to OFC Music tomorrow to see how things have fared without him these past 2 weeks.
So ‘tune in’, as we say in Rathskallion land, for our Celtic Rathskallions Ireland tour blog of adventures beginning Friday October 14.
Thanks for reading!
Rathskallion Wendy

A welcome home hug from Elvis

Our tired but happy-to-see-us Celtic Rathskallions' mascot, Elvis