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Day 12: more exploring Grand Manan and visiting White Head Island

Wendy at Dark Harbour, Grand Manan

An early grey morning start with my venturing out on a hilly 10k run to Fish Head Point (beautiful cliffs!) and then on to some exploring of Hole-in-the-Wall hiking park (yes, that’s the real name) not too far from our Inn.  Arthur opted to choose to exercise his mind instead with some good reading.  He’s a wise man.

Then it was back for a wonderful hot breakfast made by our Inn keeper, Jim, before we set off across island to Dark Harbour …..I’m guessing named for the huge towering cliffs behind it?  (Must google that.)  Given the high winds and threatening rain, not much of a day for wandering about but we did anyway.  We also visited a small naturalist and whale museum….the large whale bones displayed were the closest we’ll likely come to seeing a live whale this trip. Oh well.

In the afternoon we took a 28 minute ferry ride (an 8 vehicle maximum capacity) to White Head Island.  It took us all of twenty minutes to drive around the whole island and though the barrenness was lovely, it was even windier there than on Grand Manan.  The rain soon started so it was back in line for us for a 1 1/2 wait in our ‘O Maddie’ mobile for the return ferry.  Better safe than sorry since we didn’t want to risk being the 9th vehicle and miss the last boat (especially with a Monday morning show back on Grand Manan).  We looked for a coffee while we waited but there wasn’t a store, restaurant or a Starbucks anywhere in sight.  :-)

Once back on Grand Manan, we had a dinner of , yes, you guessed it, wonderful seafood.  Local scallops for Arthur and a lobster stew for me followed by my most favourite dessert in the world….home-made coconut cream pie.  Definitely a Maritimes specialty and my third time of trying some during our tour.  All get rave reviews so far.  I know that I will be going through pie withdrawl once we reach home but that’s not all bad.  I sure better keep up the triathlon training with eating like this!

Arthur at Fish Head Point cliffs


Wendy at North Head ferry dock, Grand Manan

Grand Manan house with buoys

North Head harbour, Grand Manan

White Head ferry