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Day 11: exploring Grand Manan

….and the drizzle turned to rain so there was no heading out for whale watching which we had hoped to do today.  Instead, we layered up, donned rain gear and headed out to explore the island.  We walked some of the rocky and sandy beaches, and hiked to two of the island lighthouses.  From the cliffs at the south end of the island, some seals put on a fishing show for us and diving ducks splashed and dove.  We eventually stopped for lunch for some hot lobster sandwiches and after more cruising around, headed back to our Marathon Inn to ‘de-shiver’ and dry off.

More fresh seafood for dinner, local salmon (almond crusted with a lemon sauce…yum!) and we had a long evening walk along the nearby main harbour where about 75 fishing boats were moored for the night.  The nearby lighthouse has a fog horn that sounds every 15 seconds.  Arthur and I are trying to figure out what note it is sounding.  He says an E and I say a G.  We’ll test it out in the morning…..whoever’s right, buys dinner!  :-)