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A Tune for Maddie

A Tune For MaddieBy Wendy Moore, illustrations by Janis Jones, OFC Publications

In this sequel to Maddie’s Moon, also set in Ireland, Maddie discovers the harp. Her new found love of the harp leaders her to unexpected opportunities for kindness and generosity. Printed in Canada.

“Wendy Moore’s delightful “A Tune for Maddie” is a magical musical tale with a great love for the Irish folk tradtion from which it takes its spirit.” Sharon, Lois & Bram

“A Tune for Maddie is an enchanting story about hope, perseverance and the power of music to change the heart. Maddie is my hero. And her story makes me much more pleasantly disposed toward snakes, as well. Maddie reminds us that we are richer not for what we have but for what we give. Sheilagh Rogers, host of The Next Chapter on CBC Radio One

ORDERING : Price is $14.95 or $24.95 for  A Tune for Maddie  and Maddie’s Moon together. Order directly from the artist.