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Ireland Tour: Day 9, October 22

Performing at Trim Library

A morning show in Trim Library just down the street from our hotel.  A lovely welcoming from Maedhbh and library staff and a wonderful mix of children, parents and library visitors who seemed delightfully engaged and entertained by our show.

From here, it was a supposed 1 hour drive to our afternoon theatre show in Athlone.  1 1/2 hours later we eventually arrived ….managing to navigate more or less successfully from the directions on our maps, GPS and street signage.  (Not all always on the same page, so to speak.)

We arrived in busy downtown Athlone in the pouring rain and after a few circles of roundabouts and one way streets, we successfully managed to find the Passionfruit Theatre.  Run now by Fiona Ducke, this small community 55 seat theatre was set up by Fiona’s father a few years back before he passed away.

Our young volunteers helping out on stage at the Passionfruite Theatre, Athlone

By the start of our 3 p.m. show, the theatre was filled with an enthusiastic and appreciative audience with children of all ages and their families.  There had been a wonderful write-up about our show in the local paper and our small crowd of afternoon theatre goers were delighted with our performance.  After a post-show session of book signings and chatting with Fiona about the theatre, we headed back towards Trim managing only 1 unexpected detour this time.

Passionfruit Theatre performance - Shuttle Bagpipes demonstration






We were now very ready to relax on this the eve of our first day off since our tour began 9 days ago.  What a rewarding and enjoyable first week of travelling 1,500 km and performing 11 shows so far.  21 more to go.  :-)

Cheers to a WONDERFUL first week in Ireland!