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The Maddie Show

An engaging and entertaining multi-arts experience for primary/junior students that includes components from the literature and music sections of the Ontario Elementary curriculum.

Wendy Moore’s delightful presentations feature her published and illustrated stories Maddie’s Moon and A Tune For Maddie as well as story-based songs and drama. Her interactive sessions encourage singing along, participatory actions to songs, and the development of listening skills. With a B. Ed. and a B. Music, Wendy is a specialist in primary junior arts education. She is the founder, leader and a featured performer with The Celtic Rathskallions whose CD All Around the Circle was nominated for Best Children’s Album at the 2008 Canadian Folk Music Awards. Wendy’s story Maddie’s Moon has sold over 3,000 copies and as part of her show, Wendy dramatizes and sets this story to music. Maddie’s Moon is about a young girl who plays the tin whistle and the story encompases the themes of bravery and of following your dreams. In the sequel story, A Tune For Maddie, Maddie plays the harp and this story explores the themes of understanding and generousity. Students will enjoy participating in such songs as The Unicorn Song, The Ghost Song, Mary Mac, and Rattlin’ Bog. Other songs in Wendy’s repertoire include I’s the B’y, I Know a Young Maddie, Donkey Riding and many more. During the show, Wendy performs on Celtic harp, guitar, electric bass, bodhran, tin whistle and is often accompanied on guitar by one of her sidemen.


Cost : $250.00 plus HST

Half day (two 45 minute sessions): $450.00 plus HST

Full day (four 45 minute sessions): $800.00 plus HST

Venue requirements : library or similar venue

Grades : JK – 4

Size : 4 classes or less per session

Resource materials included :

  • 50 page Curriculum Resource Guide detailing the literature and music components that Wendy covers for grades 1- 4 during her show. Words to songs are also included.
  • Master copies of activity sheets
  • Maddie’s Moon and A Tune For Maddie storybooks
  • Copy of the CD All Around the Circle that includes songs included in The Maddie Show and a narration of Maddie’s Moon

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Wendy-harpA published poet and short story writer, Wendy Moore is the author of children’s books Maddie’s Moon and A Tune For Maddie and creator/presenter of The Maddie Show.

She performed as oboist and English horn player with the Kingston Symphony for 10 years and with chamber music groups that include Double Reeds, The Telemann Trio, Les Mistrals, and The Classically Hip Wind Quartet.

Wendy has written a tin whistle method book, Maddie’s Beginner Whistle Method, that includes a play-along CD. Wendy is a qualified primary/junior music and special education teacher and has taught music privately and in elementary schools. She is also the founding member of The Celtic Rathskallions and offers stepdancing and tin whistle playing workshops for students and teachers.

Wendy has performed for over half a million Ontario students over the past 12 years.

In her spare time and while on tour, Wendy enjoys fitness training as a triathlete and competing in olympic and half ironman distances.

Maddie's MoonMaddie’s Moon

By Wendy Moore, illustrations by Janis Jones, Ottawa Folklore Centre Publications

This fully illustrated storybook is about a young girl who plays the tin whistle and encompasses the themes of bravery and following your dreams. In the sequel story (below), Maddie plays the harp and this story explores the themes of understanding and generousity. Printed in Canada. Click the arrow to listen to the audio version of the story.

A Tune for Maddie

By Wendy Moore / Illustrations by Janis Jones / Rathskallion Publications. In this sequel to Maddie’s Moon, also set in Ireland, Maddie discovers the harp. Her new found love of the harp leaders her to unexpected opportunities for kindness and generosity. Printed in Canada.A Tune For Maddie

“Wendy Moore’s delightful “A Tune for Maddie” is a magical musical tale with a great love for the Irish folk tradtion from which it takes its spirit.” Sharon, Lois & Bram

“A Tune for Maddie is an enchanting story about hope, perseverance and the power of music to change the heart. Maddie is my hero. And her story makes me much more pleasantly disposed toward snakes, as well. Maddie reminds us that we are richer not for what we have but for what we give. Sheilagh Rogers, host of The Next Chapter on CBC Radio One

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Price is $14.95 for either book or $24.95 for Maddie’s Moon and A Tune for Maddie purchased together.