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Ireland Tour: Day 9, October 22

Weekend community performances at Trim Library and the Passionfruit Theatre, Athlone….

Ireland Tour: Day 8, October 21

A full performance day and complete cross-country trip west to east…

Ireland Tour: Day 7, October 20

From County Sligo into County Mayo….

Ireland Tour: Day 6, October 19

Performances in Co. Sligo community libraries and exploring Sligo City….

Ireland Tour: Day 5, October 18

Gracehill Primary School then on to Sligo area…

Ireland Tour: Day 4, October 17:

Let the shows (all 31!) begin….

Ireland Tour: Day 3, October 16:

Starting our travels north up the east coast….

Ireland Tour: Day 2, October 15:

Landed safely in Dublin and spent the day keeping jet lag at bay…….

Ireland Tour: Day 1, October 14:

And we’re off and Ireland bound….

Day 15: homeward bound…almost…

A brief stop at our FAVOURITE Quebec chocolatiere that we discovered a few years ago.

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